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2019 Maize Meeting

Decoding the transcriptional regulatory atlas of the maize leaf


Katherine shared about the novel ChIP-seq approach to catalog the in vivo binding of 104 transcription factors (TFs) that are highly expressed in leaves.

Poster Sessions

A fast computational pipeline for de novo assembly of plant genomes from long reads.

High-throughput mapping of the in-vivo binding of 104 maize transcription factors using ChIP-Seq

Estimation of the divergence between maize and sorghum

using the Andropogoneae.

Predicting differential expression of drought-associated genes across Andropogoneae.

Poster Title: The development of computational resources for association studies in maize and sorghum.

A practical haplotype graph enables lowcost imputation and haplotyping of diverse maize populations.

Functional basis for hybrid vigor in maize: directional and polygenic effects on yield, height and flowering time.

Whole genome sequencing and de novo assembly for Andropogoneae species.

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