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What We Do

Vision: Global population with a nutritious food supply that has tackled its environmental challenges.

We work to address three questions:

  • How do we design a maize crop that is productive and in environmental balance?

  • How do we tap into the genetics of domesticated and wild species to accelerate breeding of all crops?

  • What tools can help breeders in the US and globally to make agriculture more efficient, productive, and healthy?

We do most of our research with maize because it is the world's largest production crop and it has perhaps the most fascinating and powerful genetics of any crop.  

Our research falls into three general areas​:

CERCA: Circular Economy that Reimagines Corn Agriculture

Developing high productive maize that efficiently recycles nitrogen and has minimal environmental impact

AI Modeling of Plant Diversity

Using advanced genomics, machine learning, and AI to discover and predict gene functions across all plants


Genomic & Breeder Tools

Developing easy to use software tools so that breeders and geneticists can deploy genetic diversity globally

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