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Analyzing and Using Plant Diversity

Crop genomes are big and frequently quite diverse genetically!  The maize genome is about 2.3 billion base pairs in size, and there are well over 100 million variable regions and genes.  We actively develop software to analyze these genomes, in order to related diversity to function.
All of our software is open source, and we encourage people from around the world to collaborate on making these better tools.
TASSEL: High Performance Trait Association for SNPs or Haplotypes
rTASSEL: Trait Association in R
BioKotlin: Bioinformatics Library for Kotlin
BGH: Breeder Genomics Hub
PHG logo.PNG
PHG: Pangenome Haplotype Graph
rPHG2: Interface for the PHG in R
GAPIT: Advanced GWAS Model Selection
TASSEL-GBS: Genotyping by Sequencing
BrAPI: Standardized web APIs for plant breeding data
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