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Buckler Lab June 2019 Hackathon

The Buckler Lab held its biannual Hackathon on June 17 - 21 and the focus was curating, aligning, and annotating the Andropogoneae Genomes and developing repeatable and robust pipelines for machine learning. Led by Buckler Lab programmers Peter Bradbury, Terry Casstevens, Lynn Johnson, and Zack Miller, three groups were formed to code different facets of the project. In addition to the Buckler Lab team, Silas Tittes and Alyssa Phillips from the Ross-Ibarra Lab, Hussein Hijazi from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and Samuel Fernandes from the University of Illinois also participate

Ed Buckler kicks off the Hackathon on Monday, June 17 by outlining the goals for the week..

Smiles abound as the Hackathon concludes. Row 1, Left: Merritt Burch, Sarah Jensen, Anju Giri, Nisha Singh, Emre Cimen, Arcadio Valdes, Guillaume Ramstein, and Baoxing Song. Row 2, Left: Brandon Monier, Evan Long, Evan Rees, Mohamed El-Walid, Jacob Washburn, Joe Gage, Ed Buckler, and Terry Casstevens.


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