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Buckler Lab Collaboration Receives “2021 Outstanding Paper” Award

The paper A sorghum practical haplotype graph facilitates genome-wide imputation and cost-effective genome prediction” received the “2021 Outstanding Paper” award from The Plant Genome editorial board. The Board selected the paper because it advances knowledge in the field of genomics, communicates its research methodology effectively, and was original in its research and impact.

Former Buckler Lab members Sarah Jensen and Guillaume Ramstein led a team of collaborators in developing a genomic database for sorghum using a breeding tool called the Practical Haplotype Graph (PHG). The PHG codebase was built by Buckler Lab programmers Zack Miller, Lynn Johnson, Terry Casstevens, and Peter Bradbury. Project manager Cinta Romay, and former Buckler Lab member Ramu Punna, also contributed to the project

You can read more about this paper and the other papers that were awarded on the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA) Award page and see the announcement in The Plant Genome Twitter channel. The paper will also be recognized at the upcoming 2021 CSSA Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah this November.

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