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Meet the Buckler Lab Summer Crew

The Buckler Lab is happy to have a crew of undergraduates (and one soon to be graduate student!) to help with the maize field research work this summer.

Patrick O'Briant is a recent graduate of Plant Science in Cornell University and will begin a master's degree in the fall. He'll be helping with the ground-based rovers as part of the Genomes2Field research project.

Truman Tse is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Biological Engineering at Cornell. He'll be assisting with field work and learning more about computational tools in breeding.

Mohamed El-Walid is completing a degree in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri in December. In addition to field work, he will learn more about developing and utilizing machine learning models during his time at the Buckler Lab.

Timothy Reeves is a junior in Agricultural Sciences at Cornell. While working in the Buckler Lab, he hopes to gain a better understanding of machine learning and its inherency to environmental and genetic data.

Jesse Zhou is a senior completing a degree in Plant Science at Cornell. She recently worked with Jacob Washburn to study the importance of soil in crop growth models and looks forward to assisting with maize field research this summer.


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