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Ed Buckler member of the Expert Panel for Cornell-Nature Sustainability

Ed Buckler was invited to serve as a member of the expert panel on "Innovations to build sustainable, equitable, inclusive food value chains," an initiative of Cornell's Atkison Center, in partnership with the journals Natural Sustainability and the soon to be published Nature Food. The panel consists of experts from a variety of disciplines as well as academic, government, non-profit, and business organizations.

Cornell Tech Campus Tata Innovation Center. Members of the Cornell-Nature Sustainability Expert Panel gathered here in December 2019 for the inaugural meeting.

The venture kicked off with a meeting in December 2019 at the new Cornell Tech campus located on Roosevelt Island in New York City. During this initial meeting, the expert panel drafted a Perspective essay and planned for presentations by panel members at worldwide locations beginning in 2021.

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Unknown member
Sep 30, 2023

Ed Buckler's inclusion as a member of the Expert Panel for Cornell-Nature Sustainability speaks volumes about his dedication to advancing sustainable practices. His expertise in the field is highly commendable, and I believe his contributions will significantly benefit the initiative. For those seeking personal statement help online, Ed Buckler's involvement serves as an inspiring example of commitment to sustainability, making him a valuable resource for guidance and inspiration.

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