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Buckler Lab rover featured in local news!

Buckler Lab's Joe Gage and Gore Lab's Nick Kaczmar ready the rover and drone for a demonstration at the maize field at Musgrave Research Farm in Aurora, NY.

Newschannel WSYR's Lindsay Rachael recently featured the Buckler Lab rover and Gore Lab drone in a news story about digital agriculture research in upstate New York.

Buckler Lab's Joseph Gage highlighted the rapid development of the rover technology and demonstrated the rover's abilities to maneuver through the maize rows to collect data on the size and shape of the plants.

Gore Lab's Nick Kaczmar also flew the drone above the maize field and shared the recorded footage with the news team. Nick explained that drones can be used to quickly monitor the health of a field rather than relying on the slower process of walking through each of the rows to observe the plants. The bird's eye view provided by the drone cuts the observation time down from several days to mere minutes!

See the news story here.


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