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Janu Verma

Quantitative Researcher

I am a Quantitative Researcher at the Buckler Lab, Cornell University, where I work on problems arising in bioinformatics and genomics. My background is in mathematics and machine learning and I leverage tools from these areas to answer questions in biology.


I was born and raised in Northern India. I hold a Masters in Theoretical Physics from University of Cambridge in UK, where I studied string theory and black holes in higher dimensions. I also went on to get an M.S. in Mathematics from Kansas State University. At K-State, I studied Donaldson-Thomas Invariants and their relation to black holes in string theory.

It was at K-State that I started exploring machine learning and data science. I took courses in machine learning, information retrieval, text mining and worked as a visting researcher at Machine Learning and Bioinformatics Lab, K-State. I also starting writing a blog on machine learning, data science and programming.


I am a voracious reader and an avid traveler. I usually hang-out at local coffee shops. In addition to pour-over coffee, my default choice for a beverage is Gin & Tonic.


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