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Emre Cimen


Contact Information:

Eskisehir Technical University

Industrial Engineering Department

Eskisehir, Turkey



Tel: +905542370746 

Google Scholar


Research Interests:


My research interests lie within the intersection of computer science (particularly machine learning), operations research and optimization. I am  trying to solve various classification and regression problems. Facial recognition, detection of irregular heartbeats, gesture recognition and detecting bi-polar disorders (manic-depressive illness) can be the real-life applications of  these types of studies.

I graduated with honors degrees in both Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering. During my graduate studies, my master's thesis was funded by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry because it provided novel solutions to an industrial partner’s problems with gesture recognition. During my PhD studies, I spent a semester at the Federation University of Australia as a researcher and worked on optimization algorithms related to big data problems. Also, between 2013 - 2018,  I co-founded and  served as Research and Development Manager for Incir R&D Ltd.

Currently, I'm an Assistant Professor in the Industrial Engineering Department at Eskisehir Technical University in Turkey.


•    PhD in Industrial Engineering, Eskisehir Technical University, Turkey

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