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Contact Information:

Cornell University

175 Biotechnology Building

Ithaca, NY 14853



Tel: 607-255-1809

Zong-Yan Liu

Graduate Student

Background and Research Interests:


I am a graduate student in Plant Breeding and Genetics. My educational background is in genomics and bioinformatics. Besides majoring in Agronomy, I also hold minors in both Information Systems Management and Applied Economics. These apparently unconnected areas have enlarged my views and brought me various insights into plant research. Inspired by these experiences, I employed bioinformatics to examine the molecular biology of IbHypSys-mediated microRNAs upon wounding while studying for my master’s degree.

With both bioinformatics and wet bench experience, I  want to apply predictive biology to elucidate various pathways, protein structures, and functions. I will focus my research on building algorithms to address protein challenges and increase machine learning capabilities.



  • M.S. in Plant Biology, National Taiwan University, Taipei, R.O.C. (Taiwan)


  • B.S. in Agronomy, Information, and Economics, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

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