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Contact Information:

Cornell University

175 Biotechnology Building

Ithaca, NY 14853




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Sheng-Kai Hsu 


Research Interests:

My research interest is to apply the principles we learn from evolution in nature to make plant breeding more efficient and sustainable. I’ll focus on the phylogenomics across hundreds of Andropogoneae grass species to mine alleles that could be introduced to modern maize cultivars for more sustainable production. Traits of interest include nitrogen/phosphate remobilization, bio-nitrification, cold tolerance, etc. My broad vision is to introduce a circular economy to corn agriculture.


  • B.S. in Agronomy, National Taiwan University

  • M.S. in Plant Breeding & Genetics, National Taiwan University

  • Ph.D. in Population Genetics, Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

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