TASSEL - Trait Analysis by aSSociation, Evolution and Linkage

TASSEL is a software package used to evaluate traits associations, evolutionary

patterns, and linkage disequilibrium. Strengths of this software include:

1. The opportunity for a number of new and powerful statistical approaches to association mapping such as a General Linear Model (GLM) and Mixed Linear Model (MLM). MLM is an implementation of the technique which our recently published Nature Genetics paper - Unified Mixed-Model Method for Association Mapping - which reduces Type I error in association mapping with complex pedigrees, families, founding effects and population structure.

2. An ability to handle a wide range of indels (insertion & deletions). Most software ignore this type of polymorphism; however, in some species (like maize), this is the most common type of polymorphism.


Read more at:

Bradbury PJ, Zhang Z, Kroon DE, Casstevens TM, Ramdoss Y, Buckler ES. (2007) TASSEL: Software for association mapping of complex traits in diverse samples. Bioinformatics 23:2633-2635.

TEMPORARY NOTICE:  Sometimes installing TASSEL on MAC Catalina can fail because the installer can't create /Library/Java/Extensions/libTasselBlas.dylib.  Normally the installer asks for your password which gives it permission to create this file. But on Catalina, it sometimes gets into a state that it doesn't ask for your password. The workaround is to manually change the permission of that file to "read / write", so that the installer can overwrite it.  Then the installer should work correctly. The long term solution is for us to upgrade to the latest major release of install4j which is in progress.



TASSEL Version 5.0   (Getting Started!)
(Build: November 13, 2019Requires: Java 1.8)


TASSEL Version 5.0 Standalone

(GBS Pipeline V2 - Preferred Version)

                New Getting Started with rtassel

Archived Versions of TASSEL

TASSEL Documentation


TASSEL Pipeline Documentation

TASSEL development has been generously supported by the USDA-ARS and the NSF, as well as free or reduced cost tools including:









We recommend first searching the archives and posting questions on the discussion group

Tassel User Group (tassel@googlegroups.com)


Software Architect
Terry Casstevens (tmc46@cornell.edu)

Analysis Tools / MLM / GLM
Peter Bradbury (pjb39@cornell.edu)

Overall Project Lead
Ed Buckler (esb33@cornell.edu)

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Phylogenetic Tree using Archaeopteryx

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