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Our lab uses functional genomic approaches to dissect complex traits in maize, biofuel grasses, and grapes. We exploit the natural diversity of these plant genomes to identify the individual nucleotides responsible for complex (quantitative) variation.

Currently, our research focuses on developing germplasm resources for complex trait dissection, using genomics to characterize this diversity, dissect a series of traits (drought tolerance, nitrogen use,  basic development, carbon metabolism, vitamin A and E content), and provide software tools for analysis. The tools we are developing may also be used as a template system for other genetics research, including research for other crops, animals, and even human genetics.

Our Research Interests

Genotyping by Sequencing
Germplasm Development
SNP Discovery
Nitrogen Metabolism
Aluminum Tolerance
Vitamin A (Carotenoids)
Flowering Time
Statistical Genetics
Diversity Informatics
Phenotyping Tools
Evolution & Domestication
Grape Diversity
Switchgrass Diversity


Recent Publications

The TASSEL-GBS pipeline paper is available! Jeff Glaubitz's "TASSEL-GBS: A High Capacity Genotyping by Sequencing Analysis Pipeline" can be found here.

Genetics recently published Jason Peiffer's paper, "The Genetic Architecture of Maize Height." Click here for the article.

Cinta Romay's paper on GBS of the Ames collection, "Comprehensive genotyping of the USA national maize inbred seed bank" can be found here.




Quick Links:


GBS Bioinformatics

PANZEA (Maize SNPs and Phenotypes)


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