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Edward Buckler is the primary investigator for the lab.  I am fascinated by genetics, biology, and computers.



1997-1998       North Carolina State University      Postdoctoral Research in Statistical Genetics

1992-1997       University of Missouri, Columbia    Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

1988-1992       University of Virginia                      B.A. in Biology and Archaeology (with Honors)

Professional Positions:

1998-Present    USDA-ARS Research Geneticist

2009-Present    Adjunct Professor, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Cornell University

2003-2009       Adjunct Associate Professor, Plant Breeding, Cornell University

1998-2003       Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, North Carolina State University

Professional Experience:

2003-Present    Developing genomic, statistical, bioinformatic and germplasm resources to scan plant genomes for functional polymorphisms using association mapping. Trait focus on abiotic stress, kernel nutrition, and basic development.

1998-2003       Developed candidate gene association approaches for structured populations of plants. Found polymorphisms controlling with maize flowering time, sugar content, starch content, and row number. Examined the impact of selection on key pathways.

1992-1998       Molecular systematics, population genetics, and population structure of Zea at the genomic and molecular scales.


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